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We can help you…

Create exciting new products

You have an idea on how to solve existing problems better than they’re currently solved.

We can help you build your MVP or launch a new service in the market – from strategy to implementation.

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Radically improve
your product

Your website or app starts lagging behind in terms of technology and design, and people stop using it.

We’ll help you revamp it by rethinking its user experience, web-design and front-end development.

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Optimise and boost your business

Your customers are happy, your product is strong, but your metrics are poor?

We help you boost your business in no time by thoroughly looking at your content, setting up and running a test in a live environment.

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Things we’ve made

SMart Portals

SMart provides support services to artists and creatives in Belgium and is currently expanding its activities across Europe. To facilitate this work and expansion, we designed both their many websites and future online services as well as defined the new SMart global online experience with a toolkit, guidelines and templates. The SMartEu website is the first website to feature the new experience we are building together.

  • + 46% pages/visit
  • + 34% page views
  • + 50% visit duration
  • - 33% bounce rate

Debating Europe

A project in partnership with Friends of Europe, Europe’s World, the European Parliament, Microsoft and Gallup, Debating Europe is a platform that encourages direct discussions between European citizens and policy makers. We redesigned the platform to increase discussions and creates a transparent experience, integrating social networks, organizing content around themes, as well highlighting the community of associated thought leaders and schools.

  • + 45% unique visitors
  • + 8% page views


Getyoo provides innovative networking and media sharing solutions for the event industry. We designed a smart and elegant website which showcases their services and customers while providing a user experience that is memorable and reflects their brand experience and interactive products.

Our design principles

Start with needs

Truly effective digital products require to go beyond assumptions by understanding real user needs. We carry out user research before we jump into any project. That’s why our solutions are successful, creating both value for money and value for users.

Make things concrete

A tangible design is far more effective than long specifications to guide our discussions and work together. We therefore favor the use of wireframes (sketches to structure content and interactions), interactive prototypes and mockups (visual blueprints) to quickly give form to ideas. We use these malleable tools like modelling clay to shape the final product.

Improve over time

Good design is timeless and evolutive. We test our solutions and collect feedback from real users to iterate and rapidly evolve with future needs. Like great wine, our designs only get better with time.

Make it simple

Simplicity is in the details. In everything we do – from the products we design to the way we collaborate with our clients – we make complexity seem simple. Our experiences are seamless and our platforms perform well.

Work together

Great collaboration leads to great ideas. Our clients remain the ones that know their context best. As designers, we know what are the ingredients and recipes to help them reach their goals. That’s why we involve our clients throughout the design process - during knowledge sharing exercises, workshops and checkpoints. The journey is just as important is the destination.

No bullshit

There’s enough bullshit in the world to want to add more. We focus on what matters. We don’t design to impress or for the unnecessary. We want our work to be meaningful and aligned to our values. We care about what we do and handpick the projects we work on. We feel that, even if it won’t change the world, we are responsible for what we put out.

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Experienced, multidisciplinary and passionate. We serve your project and you work directly with us. No account directors, no managers. Trust us, we'll get to know each other well.

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